Best of UG's Songwriting Game, Vol. 1

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We each have a week to write a song. People vote on each week's submissions. The winners and runner-ups in the first 6 weeks have their songs included in this compilation album.

Because of the short time limit, the songs aren't meant to be perfectly performed, recorded or mixed, which is why they might sound a bit rough.

Winners: Tracks 1-7
Runner-ups: Tracks 8-16

We couldn't directly include one of the songs meant to be here, so here it is, Skinny91's "Kissful of Squalor":


released February 1, 2014

Track 1 by primusfan
Track 2 by whywefight/FoOltz
Tracks 3, 9, 16 by chev311e
Tracks 4, 13 by Joshua1207
Tracks 5, 6, 10 by sickman411
Track 7 by nico_9550
Track 8 by SunshineMusicO
Track 11 by Faux
Track 12 by Minicaxotinho
Track 14 by ehbacon
Track 15 by Skinny91



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Track Name: primusfan - Textual Healing: An Autocorrect Louvre Story
I know I shouldn't test while I am driving
But I love you so god damn mulch
I've spent this whale car trip just rear icing
I crave your ember lace; your warm, worm touch

You text and drive me crazy, yes it's true
A loon in my car now it's just me, autocorrect and you
Google maps the latitudes
While I text romantic platypus
It's butter living through technology

I knot I shouldn't text whole I am driveling
But I must Congress my feelings to you
Though I'm not entirely sore where I am traveling
I had to make sure my thoughts got trough

Don't you know that love's a dangerous game
When you're going 60 MPH at 80 WPM
Professor my thoughts just clouding wait
Until iPod off the interstate
It's wetter living thr--
Track Name: Exactly That - Cramp Cramp
The frown sabotages a formula
The silicon issues from the dustbin
The bugger shies away
Why won't the gnome cheat?
The systematic pad parades
The decade progresses over the volume!
A painted coast abbreviates a clique
The spray attempts the steam
When can every vocal rot?
The manpower chooses
The cap cramps a mouse
The cramp cramps a mouse
The cap cramps a mouse
Above the deaf hesitates our coupled nest.
The cynic chops an antisocial affair
Beneath the librarian
Beneath the librarian
Track Name: chev311e - One Lonely Ride
Did you notice that I changed
Because then you'd notice I'm still the same
Did you show us all you're worth
That you're something not of this earth

You took it away from me
You took it away
You took it away from me
And you cant and you wont
And you shan't and you don’t

Did you know us, when we showed
What you owed us, was never loaned
You rode with us, to the grave
My emotions, have all but caved
Track Name: sickman411 - Do You Know Me?
I don't know anyone anymore
I just wanted to make it right, make it right for me
Do you know me?
Track Name: chev311e - A SUSpenseful TOmorrow's evE
Take away this pain from there's nothing left for me to ever see
Pull the plug under the rug there's nothing like an everlasting dream
Take a look at what I've written maybe there's a hidden mystery

Well you said we won't go
No we won't go
And you said, if we stayed
Then we could break this case

Lost in hell I must have waited fifteen years to ever say these words
From what they say and what I tell it's possible to fly around like birds
You don't need to feel guilty it's what I taught it's what you've always learned


And time, leaves my hands
Like yours used to do
and we could not believe that you said we

Track Name: sickman411 - The Burnout Gang
The burnout gang
Running around in a busy street
They make us so proud

Drilling holes through space and time
Carrying their hearts in plastic bags
Burying their faces in wet cement
And hoping for the best

Displaying life in a bleak parade
Breaking promises they never made
The burnout gang
They wish they were you
This is their ultimate aim
This is their claim to fame
The burnout gang
They wish they were you

The burnout gang
Setting the laws of uncommon sense
And breaking them all one by one

They live in cocoons by river banks
Playing their tricks and pulling their pranks
Claiming they will never die
They look you in the eye

Making people disappear
Building habits out of fear
The burnout gang
They wish they were you
This is their ultimate aim
This is their claim to fame
The burnout gang
They wish they were you
Track Name: chev311e - Your Last Bed
We stood by your side
watching, waiting
Our eyes were so dry
wishing, craving
I walked to your right
with all of your strength
you touched me and you breathed
one last breath

You said that I ruined your life
Your life? Your worthless piece of dirt
and your arm fell on down

You said that all our hearts are weak
Now you can fade away